Quiet Lying Smiles

by Nick and the Sun Machine

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released December 7, 2013



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Nick and the Sun Machine Saint Albans, UK

‘Nick and the Sun Machine’ are an Alternative Folk/Rock band from St Albans, Hertfordshire and formed in March 2012.

Their sound is informed by contemporary innovators such as Animal Collective and Wild Beasts but also the inventive, angular pop of Blur and multi layered harmonies of The Beach Boys.
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Track Name: Better than any drug
He was all but on the road and sleeping shadows called him home. And nothing but the howling night churned up in his head. Next he sees a fair young girl, amongst the over powered sky. And the through the leaves a sparkling smile, a greeting for that mornings eye. So walk yourself for further use, charge the roads, stamp on my ground and blow the wind for her future. Love and lust will banish you and anger might destroy you, don't deny you haven't seen me yet. Please walk that road. She said revere my body. Guilty as I was and in bad need of affection, I switched off the lights, blew out my candles and lay down to talk to her. And I told her.. She was better than any drug and started to get me high, she blew me into outer space and never told me why. Oh you're touching on madness, stirring but reckless, this feeling I cannot deny. She was better than any drug, never failed to get me high. Oh! Got a dose of that remedy. Oh! I got a taste of that other me. I will drown in her waters, I will never speak for her.
Track Name: A reason with me
I walked a river, I lost my friends, they made an offer that I'll depend on. I wash your silver, I ware your gold, I ware your heart in the cold. I made a reason to understand, what captures feeling, inside my hands.

I burnt an island to walk with you and climb all reason of what I knew. I made a promise that i'd be true, you stick to offers and they'll bury you.
A reason with me.
Track Name: Midnight movements
Midnight movements in duvets soft, ask your lover to sign the cloth, roses peak at certain times of year. Feeling her stomach, rubbing gently, being beside her, inside her oh maybe this time a world will come to his eyes.

Don't let the world dictate to you what is wrong and right. Because you're only 22 tonight. And if they scorn and if they scotch, make sure you're watching her back. For she is there and she can hear your distant cry.

Now there only the living room, kitchen sink has gone away, they've left you here all alone with her. Try to capture what you had last weekend. For no intoxication grand will help you out when her voice it softens.

Don't let the world dictate to you what is wrong and right. Because you're only 22 tonight. And if they scorn and if they scotch, make sure you're watching her back. For she is there and she can hear your distant cry.

Every hour passes by, growing up to understand. Every second I will play, holding her music in my hands.
Track Name: Forest song
Walking to your heaven, stairway to the moon. Night captures a strange rapture, forest fires in June. Light trickles out the windows before the hour is late. Fireflies dim and flicker and light up every movement on your face.

Head buzzing like a garden, pools of dreams and signs. Soft lilting syrup evening, a trip that sails so high. Snow walker, winter cover, I know you understand. Hiding out, theres no sought, the gentle trees will part like desert sand.
Track Name: Sober up
Silver car running drive it away today
Silver car running drive it away today
Don’t’ ask me for my money I wouldn’t give you nothing anyway!

You know the moon is pale, sky it is darker than hell
But the pain in my heart’s disappeared, left me naked standing still
Don’t use me as a hero, I’m a friend and I think I’m feeling well

Well you know the consequences of your moves
The struggle and the strain and the look of your high heel shoes
Might not be your style but it’s a dead give away

Oh you might hit the bottle but you’ll sober up one day

Witch hunt burners, crackpot ideals and dreams
Honey I don’t know what I’m singing and nothing is ever what it seems
If I had to put it bluntly, I’m gonna fake a smile for this machine!

Crazy little people running cold, ice between their fingers and hammers in their souls
Throw me off the rooftops, make the nightmares go away

And if I don’t hit the bottle I’ll sober up one day